Month: May 2016

Britton Parkway Apartments

Located near the Cabela’s store in Lacey, WA, this is an ongoing project for W&N Development. It consists of 4 large apartment buildings along with one amenity building. W&N is performing all of the concrete footings, foundations, concrete slab on grades and porches. This project also has 14 detached garage units that will completed alongside the buildings.

South Hill Apartments

Located in Puyallup, WA this is currently an ongoing project for W&N Development, it consists of 9 apartment buildings along with 1 amenity building. W&N has teamed up with Inland Construction to provide all of the concrete work for this project.

Bio-Life Plasma Center

A recently completed project in early 2016 for a plasma donation center in Lacey, WA. W&N performed the entire concrete portion of this project, included the slab on grade, all of the site sidewalks/curb and the 70,000+ sq.ft. concrete parking lot.

Roads & Infrastructure

Located on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, this project’s goal is to upgrade the existing roadways through some of the older commercial neighborhoods on JBLM. W&N is completing all of the new concrete curb & gutter and sidewalks for the new infrastructure. The goal is to improve some very outdated infrastructure with new roadways and ample parking.

CALR Lodging – Yellowstone National Park

This project was very unique as it was located inside Yellowstone National Park. In an attempt to update the current lodging situation, the owner decided to install 5 new lodges, 3 of which were constructed in 2014 and another 2 constructed in 2015. The lodges were made up of up to 300 boxes total. It was a great honor for W&N Development to be selected to be a part of this project.

Stoney Oak

This project consisted of 78 duplex houses. W&N handled all the concrete foundations, concrete slabs and porches. The project lasted from 2014-2015, completing one full building every week.

Stanley Hotel – Stanley, ND

This project was our first North Dakota modular project. The hotel was constructed to help with the local housing shortage due to the oil boom taking place. This project consisted of two separate hotels and involved placing numerous modular boxes. We shipped our crane over from Washington State to complete all of the installs. All of the roofs were built on the foundation, we then removed them with the crane, installed the modular units and set the roof sections back on place as we moved down the building.

Vista Montana – San Jose, CA

This project was one of the largest modular buildings we have ever assembled. It consisted of over 450 modular boxes and was all installed on top of a parking garage. We used a 450 Ton crawler crane to make most of the lifts reaching upwards of 350 ft; some boxes even required using two cranes to lift into place. It took place back in 2012 and to this date is still our biggest modular project yet.